Business Checkup

Innovative Dubuque LLC - Business Checkup

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time. “

Steve Jobs

Just as people have yearly check-ups to determine overall health, businesses also need checkups to determine their financial and sustainability strength. These checkups allow management to proactively address issues before they become more difficult to solve and save money in doing so. During these checkups, Innovative Dubuque LLC sticks to the key business model issues that make a difference. However, the business owner picks the package, which determines the areas covered by the checkup. How does this work?

  1. Business owners fill out a one-page document detailing basic information about the business and its current model
  2. Business owners provide business information, including financials for review
  3. Our consultants prepare questions for the business owner to review during our discussions
    • Employees and even customers can be interviewed depending on the package chosen
  4. Our consultants conduct needed research and bring all the information together into a report
    • The report provides both information and recommendations
  5. Business checkup client can implement suggestions or contract with Innovative Dubuque LLC to help drive implementation post checkup

Our process creates clarity for business and helps to set priorities, which can be difficult for those working in a business to take the time to do. Past that we focus on the most important areas and give implementable advice and information. We find at many points that in the interviews and review business owners learn a great deal even before getting the final report. Also, we get information that the owner may not learn if they were to ask the same questions because of the setup of the process. Check out our packages to see what best fits your budget and needs.