Dubuque LLC

Your Leadership, Finance, and Marketing Success Partner!

We bring results by leveraging our knowledge and experience to work with business owners, non-profits, government organizations, entrepreneurs, and the community.  You can learn more about Innovative Dubuque or contact us.  In regards to the work we do, we have broken up our core offerings into three categories, with specialized offerings in each category.  These include:

Who is our ideal customer?

  • Our ideal customer understands they have a problem or issue that they would like experienced and knowledgeable help understanding
  • They are looking for a thought out and process-driven partner who spends the time needed to learn about their business to tailor recommendations
  • They are looking to learn during the process and strive to have open and thoughtful communication
  • They have the budget required to allow the needed time for learning and to receive the best results

All options above can be expanded as needed and can be tailored to each client as required. However, we believe strongly in following the process and having the time needed to learn about your business so that we can deliver the most insightful and largest impact results.  Please contact us to learn more and start working together.