Welcome to Innovative Dubuque Blog


Thanks for checking out the Innovative Dubuque LLC blog by Brock Waterman, owner and founder of Innovative Dubuque LLC.  We are honored and excited to have you here.  Below is information about this blog for those who want to know more.  I included the business welcome video on this blog post if you want to know more about Innovative Dubuque LLC.

Who Am I?

I am also the 2nd generation owner of a family business called Waterman’s Forage / Chopper Box Repair and Sale.  I have helped my wife start two successful massage therapy businesses (Dubuque Massage Therapy LLC and Platteville Massage Therapy LLC).  To learn more about me check out our staff page. 

Why Am I Blogging?

Because of my knowledge and expertise. I can share to help organizations be successful and improve lives.  I am also blogging to promote my business and gain customers.  In today’s marketplace clients expect to see your expertise before they work with you. I am constantly learning and improving as you can see from my 100+ books read about business and psychology.  My experience utilizing this theory as a business consultant, innovation mentor, and investors is what gives me a view worth sharing.

Who Am I Writing For?

Anyone who wants to achieve success and is willing to put in the work.  I only take on clients where I know I can make a difference.  We will be covering topics that help business owners, non-profit leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, community stakeholders, media members, and others Find Focus, Make Money & Live Life!

What Am I Blogging About?

How to bring success to organizations through leadership, innovation, finance, marketing, and more.  Having worked with thousands of clients gives me a great base to pull from.  Additionally, my hope is to take suggestions about what I blog about from clients, newsletter audience, and social media followers.

What Are My Blogging Goals?

My goal is the brand goal, to share content that helps leaders to “Find Focus, Make Money & Live Life!”  We are excited to have you with us on this journey.

How Can You Get Involved?

For a full list of ways to stay in touch check out our contact us page.  The top 5 ways are:

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