Goal and Metric Setting

Innovative Dubuque LLC - Business Goal and Metric Setting

What gets measured, gets managed.”

Peter Drucker

Once an organization has conducted a thorough business checkup and fixed those issues they have an opening to accelerate performance and results. The way they do this is through having goals and managing those goals in a way that can be understood across the company. Our role in helping businesses is to make sure that the goals that are set are SMARTER goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely, Evaluate, Readjust). The last two points the evaluate and the readjust are important because of the parameters for follow-up that they set, which helps to prevent goals being set aside, once they are setup.

Our consultants also work with companies to understand how to most accurately measure progress towards goals. We avoid vanity metrics like the number of page visitors and likes on social media. We focus on important metrics like revenue per customer, percent of repeat customers, the number of customer service complaints, and so on. The metrics we choose are based on the important goals that are established and where you are in a business cycle.

Once these goals and metrics have been sent they have to be worked into the fabric of your business or organization’s culture. Both management and all employee levels must understand and see the value of the goals and metrics. They must know what their involvement in each goal and how their contribution will be measured. Employee compensation should somehow be tied to the company reaching its goals, but also retain an individual component. Our packages below are shown by the time period. Most of the work in the process is getting the initial goals to be understood. Choose the time period you are most interested in having success for. If you are not sure we strongly suggest 2 years, as this is close enough to plan for and long enough to accomplish significant goals.

6 Month


Analysis Hours (18)

Plan Document Creation Hours (14)

1 Year


Analysis Hours (28)

Plan Document Creation Hours (16)

2 Year


Analysis Hours (34)

Plan Document Creation Hours (20)

3 Year


Analysis Hours (40)

Plan Document Creation Hours (24)

All goal and metric setting packages include:

  • Completion of a business model canvas (right side minimum)
  • Direct client communication and ability to ask questions
  • In-Person Meeting(s)*
  • Dropbox account for sharing items
  • Analysis of current metrics and performance
  • Review of current financial statements
  • Goals and metrics as a draft version of the plan

*For travel outside of Dubuque area other expenses including, lodging, transport, airfare, meals, and other may apply