Business Sale Prep

“The only way you are going to have success is to have lots of failures first.” – Sergey Brin


Two items need to be considered before the typical business sale prep begins.  Firstly, for those looking to grow the value of their business, it is important to conduct an analysis of the business.  It is important to think about what makes it hard to sell and can include items like:

  • Over dependence of the owner in the business in general and specifically in the sales process
  • Lack of documented processes which would make it difficult for a new owner to come in and take over
  • Legacy pricing issues
  • Financial statement and funding issues
  • Human resources and other operational issues

Secondly, owners need to understand the goals and timelines for the sale of their business.  Sellers must understand the different types of buyers that could buy the business and which ones the current owner prefers are an important step.  Once the preferred outcomes are known and possible choices are understood it is time to begin to prepare for the listing of the business for sale. 

Our Business Sale Prep Service

Our strategy is to utilize session-based planning to help the business owner conduct an analysis of the business to see what elements would make the business hard to sell or decrease the value of the business. At this point it is also critical to prepare the documentation needed for those interested in that listing.  Documents needed for a sale’s due diligence should begin to be gathered before the business is listed.  Otherwise, the opportunity to accept the best offer could be missed.

Business Sale Prep Video

Business Sale Prep - Innovative Dubuque LLC - Brock Waterman - Business Consulting - Dubuque - IA

Our role is to help the current owner understand the most important impediments to sale and how they decrease the potential value and to create a plan to remedy these issues based on the amount of time they have before they would like to sell. The more time we have before a sale the more that can be done. However, even focused effort in a short time span can make a business much more valuable and easier to transfer.

Our Business Sale Prep Sessions

Our sessions can assist you in learning what elements can be changed to increase the likelihood of selling your business and its value upon sale.




Each Session Includes

  • Up to 90 minute in-session with executive(s)
  • Up to 60 minutes of setup, logistics, and preparation
  • Summary write up and next steps document for each session


  • *$50 off when purchased at the start
  • **$100 off when purchased at the start
  • One-on-one is preferred, but up to two other participants can be present
  • Minimum of 3 sessions purchased to start is required
  • Any time over set amounts will incur additional charges
  • The default delivery method of our services is virtual (video conference, telephone, and email).  In-person visits bring additional expenses including mileage, transport, airfare, meals, lodging, and other potential expenses.  In-person options may be limited or not available due to various factors, including but not limited to, nationwide, state, or regional pandemics.
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    • 1) 5 Sessions