Business Value Growth

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin


Many business owners are so busy working in their business, that they don’t get much chance to work on their business. But shouldn’t it be a priority that all this hard work translates into business value growth? At the end of the day, when business owners sell their business they want a high valuation. Our business value growth packages help business owners by giving them an objective look at their own business and helping them to understand what elements could positively or negatively affect its value.

Our Business Value Growth Service

Our process is to:

  • Review your financial statements for the past several years
  • Compare to industry standards for businesses of comparable size and location and look for the differences
  • Review findings with owner learning what is causing differences or issues
  • Create a plan to address biggest 2 to 3 issues

We have done this process before and helped experienced business owners make an extra $100,000 within one meeting. Sometimes these changes take only a few hours to implement. The independence and clarity of being outside the situation and having the knowledge to ask the right questions is part of why the service is so valuable. Other times we find that business owners are doing things well. This provides value as well because they gain peace of mind.

Business Value Growth Video

Business Value Growth - Innovative Dubuque LLC - Brock Waterman - Business Consulting - Dubuque - IA

Once we have helped the business owner make the most of the current situation, we move the focus to growth plans for a business. This is where the fun starts as we can work to get creative about what to do and how to make it happen. We talk about how any growth would happen and what key assumptions are involved. Our consultants think about capital structure and making sure the right type of debt is used for the right type of spend if capital is needed. We can help you fund your business by creating financial projections, business plans, and slide decks.  Additionally, once that work is done we help businesses and non-profits find funding.

Our Business Value Growth Packages

The packages shown below help you understand your options and empower you to reach important goals for your business.

Financials Only


Financial Review Hours (4)

Client Q&A Hours (2)

Process Hours (4)

Report Writing Hours (4)

Plus Key Ratios


Financial Review Hours (8)

Client Q&A Hours (4)

Process Hours (6)

Report Writing Hours (6)

Key Financial Ratios Review

Variable Costs Review

Plus Industry


Financial Review Hours (12)

Client Q&A Hours (6)

Process Hours (8)

Report Writing Hours (8)

Key Financial Ratios Review

Variable Costs Review

Industry Measures Research

Industry Measures Comparison

All Sessions Include

  • Review of 3 Key Financial Statements
  • Ability for client to give information via discovery document
  • Direct client communication and ability to ask questions
  • Client Business Checkup Report Summary
  • Focus on items that bring most impact for time or money


  • Process hours include items like setup, logistics, and preparation
  • The default delivery method of our services is virtual (video conference, telephone, and email).  In-person visits bring additional expenses including mileage, transport, airfare, meals, lodging, and other potential expenses.  In-person options may be limited or not available due to various factors, including but not limited to, nationwide, state, or regional pandemics.
  • Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA Eligible Packages
    • 1) Financials Only 2) Plus Key Ratios 3) Plus Industry