Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.” – Nicole Snow



You might be wondering, “What is Buy 1 Give 1?”  First, it is instructive to look at traditional corporate giving or owner philanthropy.  Typically, businesses either keep all profits or donate a percentage of the profits as they deem appropriate.  At times businesses may donate items the business can no longer use or extra inventory.  These choices are made at the direction of the owner or management to match their personal agendas.  These donations may or may not tie to the mission of the organization.  While all giving is good, this traditional giving model lacks transparency, clarity of purpose, and consistent intent.  Moreover, customers and the community have essentially no say in where funds are directed and how they are used.

With our Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA we change all that.  Philanthropy is built into the mission and culture of our organization in real time.  It brings direct community impact utilizing our knowledge and experience.  Our customers and followers choose how we can best assist their communities directly.  This means giving is done in a transparent and purposeful manner.  Critically, our success is directly tied to this program.  When customers and stakeholders support us, they are also supporting their local community.

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Our Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA Donation

What does MBA stand for?

In our usage, MBA stands for Micro Business Assistance.  It is a service we offer at a cost of $1,500 to clients.

What is a Micro Business?

According to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, 92% of all US businesses are micro businesses.  What is a micro business? It is a business with:

  • annual sales of less than $250,000 per year
  • assets valued at less than $250,000
  • fewer than five employees, including the owner

How does this Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA giving program work?

After the purchase of our services packages (listed below) or a $2,000+ non-package engagement, we will start the process to select a micro business to help.  This selected micro business will be in the same city, county, or region as the paying business client.  The selected business will receive our Micro Business Assistance (MBA) service.  This means one community business will get services worth $1,500 for free!

What help does the selected micro business receive?

Full details are available at our Micro Business Assistance (MBA) page.  Our service consists of three 90-minute meetings with company management to cover the following in each meeting:

  1. Business Model Review & Marketing Review
  2. Financials Review & Operations Review
  3. Goal and Metric Setting

How is the community micro business selected for the Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA program?

Once we have a qualified client who has paid for their service, we will market the availability of the free MBA service.  We prefer to do this with the help of our paying client, but it is not required.  This will be done within the city, county, or region where the qualified client we worked with is headquartered or the office we work with. 

Eligible micro businesses will fill out a quick one-page document to apply.  This application document will ensure qualification.  It will not ask for any confidential information.  After a predetermined time frame we will close the application window.  If the paying client wishes, they will pick the top 3 applicants, otherwise we will do this.

The top 3 applicants will be asked to record a video to highlight their business.  Each of these videos will be promoted and voting will happen online to determine the winner.  We will put these videos and other information on social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Once the voting period has wrapped up we will tabulate the results and announce the chosen business!

Why not just pick a business to donate to without any process?

Three important points about why this process is critical to the best end result.  First, we want the business that is picked to be motivated for this process.  Filling out a simple one-page document is a more than reasonable ask to show enthusiasm for this. Secondly, being able to communicate via video is important to their long-term success.  This video and the free exposure all three finalists will get is likely to drive sales and help their business.  This is true even for the two businesses not selected.  Lastly, the business we select has to be willing to put in the work to see the most impact.  If we can’t get businesses willing to do a one-page document and quick video, then odds are low they will benefit from this package.  For us, everything we do comes back to creating results.  This process is designed to ensure we are making a true community difference and impact.

What packages and services are eligible for a Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA?

As you can see below, the majority of what we do is eligible.  Items not eligible include services and packages/services less than $2,000 and website design packages.