Executive Coaching

“I never lose. I either win or learn.” – Nelson Mandela


Leading a business, non-profit, or other organization is difficult and, at times, lonely exercise. While the best leaders communicate well with the people around them there is great value in an independent voice with whom they can be direct about their concerns and issues the organization faces. In our culture, the “fake it until you make it” mentality isolates leaders and makes them feel like they need to have all the answers. All the opinions and noise make it hard for leaders to know what is right.  It is hard to know what you are missing.  All of this makes leaders feel like what they are dealing with are unique challenges.

Our Executive Coaching Service

Our executive coaching sessions help the following type of leaders:

  • experienced leaders who need an outlet with experience to speak frankly with about issues they are facing
  • new leaders who need help with understanding how they can grow into role personally and professionally
  • any leader who is looking for help understanding a component of their business and what options they have

Our executive coaching sessions gives leaders a way to speak with someone who has not only been there, they have seen it, and worked through it with hundreds of other leaders. We help leaders look at elements from a different angle.  This helps leaders to feel more confident that they are not missing a big issue.  We help get to the core of issues because we know what questions to ask.  Executives appreciate this coaching because they can be honest and direct about the challenges they face, both personally and professionally. Many leaders have at times likened these sessions more to “executive counseling” sessions.  Often times we find they already know the answers.  But they find great value in an independent, experienced voice.

Executive Coaching Video

Executive Coaching - Innovative Dubuque LLC - Brock Waterman - Business Consulting - Dubuque - IA

Our Executive Coaching Sessions

Executive picks the topic or focus area for each session or series of sessions.




Each Session Includes

  • Up to 90 minute in-session with executive(s)
  • Up to 60 minutes of setup, logistics, and preparation
  • Summary write up and next steps document for each session


  • *$50 off when purchased at the start
  • **$100 off when purchased at the start
  • One-on-one is preferred, but up to two other participants can be present
  • Minimum of 3 sessions purchased to start is required
  • Any time over set amounts will incur additional charges
  • The default delivery method of our services is virtual (video conference, telephone, and email).  In-person visits bring additional expenses including mileage, transport, airfare, meals, lodging, and other potential expenses.  In-person options may be limited or not available due to various factors, including but not limited to, nationwide, state, or regional pandemics.
  • Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA Eligible Services
    • 1) 5 Sessions