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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”- Thomas Edison


For any organization looking to fund your business or non-profit, you must first create realistic financial projections and a business plan or slide deck that communicates your vision of the business and assumptions that will make or break your model. Once a business owner has the plans in place the next part is figuring out how they will actually find funding.  This find funding part of the equation is very difficult for most business owners.  There are literally hundreds of options available.  

Within each option, there are positives and negatives.  The easiest ones like quick online loans and loans from credit card processors are usually the worst because of the huge fees and ridiculously high-interest rates.  However, the lowest rates can have mountains of needed paperwork.  With equity financing it is important to understand even more:

  • When you need to give up equity
  • How much you need to give
  • What you need in return
  • What this means for your board

With debt financing, different options will fund different parts of what is needed for financing.  What most clients are surprised about is that a true funding package includes many different lenders filling certain gaps and for certain types of lending are the best.

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Our Find Funding Services

Our role in all of this is to bring clarity and help clients understand their options and make informed decisions.  We help business owners looking for debt or equity financing to know where to start.  Many leaders want to know who will fund them before they can communicate their plans.  We help these leaders understand that the planning and projections must be done first.  Then it is much easier to talk about who can provide funding.  At that point, we help them narrow down the options and put a plan in place to connect.  Doing this brings the best results in the shortest time period.  Many organizations learn the importance of being prepared in this process. 

Lastly, we know the government, state, county, and local options available or can find them out to help make sure clients are getting the best rates with the most flexible terms.  We also understand for inventors can overview the options they have in regards to government grants (SBIR and STTR).

Our Find Funding Sessions

Please know for the sessions below it is expected that the organization comes in with already developed information and is looking for us to review, improve, and recommend funding options. For instances where that is not the case, we can also help in the building of the financial projectionsbusiness plan, or slide decks. No packages come with a guarantee of funding for any amount or interest rate.




Each Session Includes

  • Up to 90 minute in-session with executive(s)
  • Up to 60 minutes of setup, logistics, and preparation
  • Summary write up and next steps document for each session


  • *$50 off when purchased at the start
  • **$100 off when purchased at the start
  • One-on-one is preferred, but up to two other participants can be present
  • Minimum of 3 sessions purchased to start is required
  • Any time over set amounts will incur additional charges
  • The default delivery method of our services is virtual (video conference, telephone, and email).  In-person visits bring additional expenses including mileage, transport, airfare, meals, lodging, and other potential expenses.  In-person options may be limited or not available due to various factors, including but not limited to, nationwide, state, or regional pandemics.
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    • 1) 5 Sessions