Innovation Education


No business plan survives its first contact with customers.”

Steve Blank and Bob Dorf – The Startup Owner’s Manual

At Innovative Dubuque LLC, we make innovation education practical for organizations that want to reach new markets, launch new products, and/or learn how to bring a culture of innovation to their staff. Our innovation education has been tailored successfully to fit the needs of businesses, non-profit organizations, and religious organizations. The goal is to help people learn the mindset of innovation. What’s more, we teach participants to utilize these new skills to create successful operations in a way that reduces risk by pre-testing demand. It is easier to iterate (make small improvements) and pivot (make large scale business model changes) before money has been invested and the clock is ticking.

As you look at the packages below, understand our enlightening innovation sessions are not just about learning theory. Work time is built into each subject during each session which allows participants to work through the concepts using their ideas to get real-time feedback. The innovation mindset takes practice, expert guidance, and the ability to learn by trial and error. To be successful both participants and the organization as a whole must change their mindset to be willing to celebrate learning and take calculated risks. Quantified learning must become the measure, not the immediate financial measures of each project.

While some organizations are able to use these skills and make large changes, most need our help to learn how to manage innovation. This is because different measurements are needed for innovative projects. The go-to measures of ROI and pro forma projections do not accurately portray how well an innovative mindset has been implemented or the potential success of innovative projects over the long term. We help executives and managers learn how to promote and reward innovation. At the project level, we work with innovation project leaders and participants with the issues they will face to get to success.

Below are the packages that we offer. You can select the one that works the best for you and pay online. If you have other questions before your purchase you can check out our Innovation Education FAQ page. Our goal is to help those at your organization or group learn the concepts and gain experience with how to innovate, develop a customer focus, and test ideas before incurring substantial financial and organizational risk.



In-Person Sessions (1)*



In-Person Sessions (2)*

Business Model Work Time

Key Assumptions Analysis and Ranking



In-Person Sessions (3)*

Business Model Work Time

Key Assumptions Analysis and Ranking

Customer Interview Experience and Review




In-Person Sessions (4)*

Business Model Work Time

Key Assumptions Analysis and Ranking

Customer Interview Experience and Review

Quickly and inexpensively test ideas and make changes

*Each in-person session is 4 hours long

All innovation education packages include:

  • Review of key reasons why businesses and startups fail
  • Learning about the key parts of a successful business model
  • Focusing on problem/need duration, intensity, and frequency
  • Analyzing customer segments
  • Development of a customer-focused mindset
  • Review of products or services to understand differentiation
  • Discussion of revenue and pricing model
  • Evaluating sales funnel and get/keep/grow terminology