Slide Deck Assistance

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


Slide decks are for entrepreneurs or innovators with scalable and repeatable ventures.  Ones where they are willing to give up part of the ownership to get the money they need to fund their growth.  The thought is that it is better to owner 10% of a billion-dollar company (worth $100 million) than 100% of a company valued at $1 million dollars.  Ownership is sold to people or organizations with titles like angel investors or private equity.  The most common pop culture for this equity financing is the TV show Shark Tank.  A goal can even be to go public with the company on a stock exchange.  Slide decks are also needed for business plan, business model, and other public competitions.

Who typically does not need slide decks are those looking to get loans from lenders, which are paid back with interest.  This is also known as debt financing.  For people looking for this, they need to consider our financial projection and business plan services.

It is important to understand why slide decks are important.  Investors have to know why they should give their money and feel like it will be a good investment.  It is important that business owners adopt an investor mindset.   This is so they can explain the most important items investors care about, like:

    • Path to success for business
    • Expected return on investment
    • Length of investment
    • Potential exit strategies

Slide Deck Assistance Video

Slide Deck Assistance - Innovative Dubuque LLC - Brock Waterman - Business Consulting - Dubuque - IA

Our Slide Deck Assistance Service

We utilize our business model and investing knowledge and experience to increase the chance of getting an investment.  Slide decks require all of the following information and more:

  • Team and Experience
    • A Team with a B idea is better than a B Team with an A Idea
  • Vision for the business and understanding of customers
  • Competitive advantage and how you differentiate
  • Revenue streams and how to bring in customers (get/keep/grow)
  • Key assumptions, key metrics, and next steps
  • Resources needed for this, their utilization, and future goals
  • How investors will make money
    • Return possibilities
    • Exit points and timelines

While the content is important the presentation is also critical.  Slide decks must have only critical information.  They must stay on message and not distract from key information investors want.  In other words, they have to be clear and concise.  To get an investment investors must be engaged quickly.  Overall slide decks are usually 20 slides or less.  Even the time to give the presentation is short, so each minute must be used in the best manner.

Our Slide Deck Assistance Sessions

Most business owners struggle to know how to package their information so that investors can see what is needed to be comfortable making an investment. Innovative Dubuque LLC looks forward to helping you put together your slide deck information so that you can gain funding.  We do sessions so that we can help out business owners wherever they are at in the process.  Once we have worked with you to get your slide decks set, the next step is how do you find funding.




Each Session Includes

  • Up to 90 minute in-session with executive(s)
  • Up to 60 minutes of setup, logistics, and preparation
  • Summary write up and next steps document for each session


  • *$50 off when purchased at the start
  • **$100 off when purchased at the start
  • One-on-one is preferred, but up to two other participants can be present
  • Minimum of 3 sessions purchased to start is required
  • Any time over set amounts will incur additional charges
  • The default delivery method of our services is virtual (video conference, telephone, and email).  In-person visits bring additional expenses including mileage, transport, airfare, meals, lodging, and other potential expenses.  In-person options may be limited or not available due to various factors, including but not limited to, nationwide, state, or regional pandemics.
  • Buy 1 Give 1 Community MBA Eligible Services
    • 1) 5 Sessions