Slide Deck Assistance

Innovative Dubuque LLC - Slide Deck Assistance

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

When an entrepreneur is looking to bring in angel investors or private equity dollars they need to have a clear, concise slide deck that communicates at least their

  • competitive advantage
  • vision for the business and business model
  • team and experience
  • resources they need to reach goals
  • timelines and key metrics

Most business owners struggle to know how to package their information so that investors can see what is needed to be comfortable making an investment. Utilizing the business model canvas and our investing knowledge we can help businesses pull together the information into a format that gives them the best chance of success for their investor pitch via our slide deck assistance sessions. Innovative Dubuque LLC looks forward to helping you put together your slide deck information so that you can gain funding.





*$50 off when purchased at the start
**$100 off when purchased at the start

All slide deck assistance sessions include:

  • 90 minute meeting or call with executive
  • Up to 30 minutes of communication for meeting logistics
  • Up to 30 minutes of travel total for meeting#
  • Summary write up and next steps document

#For travel outside of Dubuque area other expenses including, lodging, transport, airfare, meals, and other may apply

Other important info:

  • Up to three total participants allowed in each session
  • Minimum of 3 sessions purchased at time to start
  • Any time over amounts above will incur additional charges