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Client Testimonials

The expertise of Brock Waterman, president of Innovative Dubuque LLC, was instrumental in our planning process.  Our goal was to assess the options available to us to envision a future model for the non-profit work of the organization.  The process of using the Business Model Canvas helped us identify opportunities and challenges, market realities, and costs associated with various models. Working with Brock gave us a realistic perspective for moving into the future. Brock is helpful in the guidance he gives and honest in the insights he offers.

Laura Reicks, RSM who is CFO for Sinsinawa Dominicans
Innovative Dubuque LLC - Testimonials - Business Consulting - Brock Waterman - Dubuque, IA

Brock helped me get a handle on my financials—my expenses, how to allocate resources, and putting that in a format that made sense.  I find working with Brock phenomenal—I rely on him to keep me focused.  A business lives and dies by the numbers.  He helps me prioritize which of my ideas to pursue first.

Adhem Thierault, Owner of Eco Tree and Lawn Care

I’ve learned from Brock how important it is to listen to your customers. Don’t assume you know what they need—just listen. I’m lucky I met Brock—If I hadn’t, I would probably have burned through all my savings.

Ryan Kasier, Entrepreneur

Stakeholders Testimonials

My bank was approached in the winter of 2017-18 by an ownership group seeking to launch a cold storage facility in Southwestern Wisconsin. While we thought very highly of the investors and the industry, their business plan needed some fleshing out both for our loan committee and for the benefit of the loan guaranty we were seeking from the USDA.

I referred the owners to Brock to flesh out the business plan and derive projections better. I admit they were hesitant, but after meeting him they saw the value right away. The business plan before and after Brock was night and day, and the State’s USDA office signed off on it also.

Because of Brock’s influence on the project, a new $6 million investment into Southwestern Wisconsin’s economy could be made.

If you’re a business owner who is at the early stage or contemplating an expansion, or you’re a banker with a client needing some assistance on getting from A->B, keep Brock in your rolodex.

Thomas Lyons, who is a USDA and SBA lending specialist at Byline Bank on August 15, 2018 (via LinkedIn)

Innovation Education Participant Feedback

My experience at the Bootcamp helped me review who my customers were, what structures I need in place, and it helped me get valuable feedback from my customers.  I would tell a friend to come prepared and be ready to engage in the process.

I enjoyed learning what to focus on, who my customers are and how to engage them to purchase from me.

It’s fun. It made me think outside of the box. They helped clear up things I didn’t know. It was worth the time!

Feedback from 3 participants of Innovation Education taught at Creative Adventure Lab in Dubuque, IA – first session like this completed in Dubuque