Website Add-ons & Maintenance

Innovative Dubuque LLC - Website Add-on and Maintenance

For customers who want more than is offered in our 5 base packages have many options as shown below.  It is important to note that these options can be picked after our first conversation, so that you can get questions answered and make sure you are making the best choices.



  • Upgrade web hosting ($200)
    • includes 1 year of SSL certificate
  • Social listings package ($500)
    • Up to 10 listings
  • Photo shoot to get images ($500)
    • 2 hours in-person, 2 hours editing
  • Video shoot to get videos ($500)
    • 2 hours in-person, 2 hours editing
  • Advanced SEO optimization ($1,000)
  • Social media SEO optimization ($500)
  • Newsletter setup and integration ($1,000)
  • Website launch promotion assistance ($500)


  • WordPress training ($100 per hour per person)
    • Minimum 3 hours
  • Shopify training ($100 per hour per person)
    • Minimum 3 hours
  • Additional pages/concept ($100 per page)
  • Additional marketing plan assistance ($100 per hour)
  • Additional content writing assistance ($100 per hour)
  • Additional plug-in or interactive feature ($100 per hour)
    • Could be more depending on item




Clients own their website upon completion and full payment, so the default option is for the customer to take this over.  However, some customers prefer that we maintain their site and below are the package options available to those customers.  Also note with every website one year of domain name and web hosting is included.

Package 1 - $800

Maintenance Only (1 Year)
*30 minutes per month for site maintance only
WordPress, Template, and Plug-In Updates

Package 3 - $1,800

Maintenance + Content + Basic Web Hosting

Package 2 - $1,500

Maintenance + Content (1 Year)
*Up to 30 minutes each month for website content
Updates & 1 Hour of Content Updates per month

Package 4 - $2,000

Maintenance + Content + Advanced Web Hosting

*Default option is to turn over domain, hosting, and updates to client upon site going live. Domain name and hosting are paid for 1 year with new websites (client needs to renew this).  For any site template changes or in-depth content changes (more than 30 minutes per month), a separate fee will be charged.


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