Websites FAQ

“Customers buy for their reasons, not yours.” – Orvel Ray Wilson


Below are websites FAQ.  Make sure to visit our website design and packages page, as well as our website add-ons and maintenance page for more information.  You can also always contact us.

Website Questions

How long does it take to build my website?

The length of the website development timeline will be affected by client responsiveness in providing materials, feedback or required approvals during the development phase.  We work with the client to understand their business model and develop a marketing plan.  In this process, we also focus on learning what client preferences and expectations are for their site.  With that information, we then work with the client to get site content written.  All this is done before we have our designers start on the site.  Having this information allows our designers to tailor a template and site to our client’s preferences and needs.  For our part in the process, we could have a website done within 1-2 weeks once we have all the information needed.

Website FAQ - Innovative Dubuque LLC - Brock Waterman - Business Consulting - Dubuque - IA

Why do you offer 5 different packages?

Each client has their own needs and our package solutions are designed to fit the most common needs.  Overall our approach is to make sure that clients get the site they need to fulfill their goals.  Having various packages helps clients understand these goals and make decisions about them ahead and know the costs.  For those who need more work, we have additional options that can be purchased. 

Many website companies charge by the hour or give a low initial estimate to get business so they don’t have to discuss the true costs upfront.  We don’t believe in that.  We strive for a transparent and collaborative client experience.

What is the benefit of paying upfront for your website versus the monthly payment options that I hear about online? 

With our websites, you have the ability to buy the website in one payment and you own it.  You can log-in and make changes.  Our setup allows you to know your costs, make the payment once, and then control the site.  You are not locked into monthly payments for the rest of your life and you don’t lose the site if you stop making payments.  If you would like we can continue to maintain the site.  However, it is your choice and you own the domain, hosting, and site.  It is 100% yours, no strings attached! 

Will my site be mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes, this is something we work to ensure with every site we do.

What is a Content Management System (CMS) and which one do you use? 

A CMS allows the user to update their own content, images, blog, and products for their website.  This allows website owners not to have to pay web site designers, like us, every time they need a small change.  We use WordPress which is the most popular CMS in the world.  As of August 2019, it has over 60% of the total market share (  The next most popular CMS only has around 5% of the market share.  WordPress is extremely customizable. It has over 56,000 plugins and thousands of themes in the WordPress repository aloneThese plug-ins make your website able to do amazing things with little work on your end.  WordPress has a strong community with plugins, themes, tutorials, support, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, etc.  If you ever want to switch to another company or take on coding your website yourself all programmers have used WordPress.  With other companies that use less popular CMS systems or their own CMS system, you are likely to have to start over if you ever want to change companies.  For all these reasons and more we feel that it is important to give our customers the #1 CMS in the world, WordPress. 

Why do you use Shopify for your e-commerce platform? 

Shopify is one of the top 3 e-commerce solutions worldwide and has over 10% of the total market (  In our opinion, Shopify is the easiest to set up and the most user-friendly of the top 3.  This matters for clients who want to update this once we have set up the original site.  Shopify has great learning materials online and is popular enough that there is always someone in your area who knows it and who can help out.

What if I don’t want to be solely responsible for the website once it is done, can you help? 

While your website is yours and you will have all login information, we do have many customers who prefer that we take care of items for them.  Some want us to do basic updates and site maintenance including WordPress, plug-ins, and template changes.  Others prefer that we also update content.  Lastly, some customers ask us to handle the domain name, web hosting, and SSL renewal.  We have packages that do as many or as few of these as the customer wants. 

What is Essential Search Engine Optimization? 

We make sure that the keywords you target for search engine placement are coded into the appropriate locations on your website. Basic Optimization includes putting the targeted keyword phrases and geographical information in both the visible and invisible areas of the website to make them more accessible to the search engine robots when they scan and index your content on your website. This is the foundation work needed to rank high on keyword searches. 

What is Advanced Search Engine Optimization? 

It is additional time spent on optimizing your content for keyword searches using more advanced technics such as text enhancements and utilizing schema markup to better define your content. Schema markup provides search engines more details on certain types of information that could appear on search engines or voice search results. We highlight relevant aspects of your content using this additional markup. 

What if I ask for updates that require more time than allocated in my website package? 

We strive to keep conversations on track and have a thought out process using documents to do this.  As we move through the process we track our hours very closely.  At any point that hours are within 1 hour of the package limits, we will alert the customer and work together to get an estimate for approval of how much longer is needed.  We do this throughout the process and get approval.  There are no surprises with the final bill. 

Do the website packages include any training? 

Packages do not include training.  We do not charge in the packages for this because we use WordPress and Shopify.  These popular applications have great free or nearly free resources online for people who like to learn this way.  We also offer tailored one-on-one training at $100 per hour, per person for people who prefer to learn directly in a more hands-on environment.   

When and how do I pay?

You can start by picking your package and making your $1,000 down payment.  At checkout you also view and accept the contract and make a payment online via credit card.  You can also mail us a check, however, know that payment must be received before we can start work on the site.  Additional payments will be requested during the process.  Once work is nearing completion we take the full remaining payment before having the site go live.  For larger or longer timeline projects we may also collect payment during the development process.